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Scoutr + Venture X

Next generation Hiring for the future of workspace

The partnership between Venture X and Scoutr brings a suite of hiring tools through Scoutr's comprehensive Marketplace to members of participating Venture X locations through your membership portal.

Members and Member companies will have access to special pricing, and a branded Marketplace to create positions, source candidates, and combine the screening and initial interview into one step. Keep hiring internal and let Scoutr help give you the confidence you need to do so.

Scoutr + NC State E-Clinic

Empowering students and companies alike

Through this strategic partnership, Scoutr and the E-clinic will uncover specific skill sets, experiences and traits of current students and alumni to pair with like-minded growing businesses in the Raleigh-Durham business scene, including opportunities ranging from engineering, project management, marketing, and consulting roles.

By curating an application-free approach, students on the Scoutr-powered Marketplace will no longer have to spend their study time applying for roles they may not be qualified for, and employers will have a transparent view on who a student really is, beyond the limitations of a standard resume.

Scoutr + ZeroedIN

Veteran focused hiring Marketplace

Through this strategic partnership, Scoutr and ZeroedIN give veterans access to an extensive network of employers looking to hire for specific technical and non-technical skill sets. Scoutr’s Natural Language Processing technology is especially impactful for the Veteran market to go beyond standard resumes and uncover niche skill sets that service members possess from their time in the military and beyond.

Scoutr + WGU North Carolina

Giving students the tools they need

Scoutr and WGU announce a partnership to give students the tools they need to succeed in their future career endeavours. These students have access to the Scoutr candidate Marketplace, as well as a free soft skills assessments to assess, educate, and provide the resources necessary to achieve balanced soft-skills.

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